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Olive Oil

Olive Oil has been part of the Greek culture and tradition for many centuries. Today Greek Extra virgin Olive oil is considered to be among the finest olive oils in the world. Superb quality Greek Extra Virgin Olive oil PGI Chania Crete and PDO Kalamata, Pure Olive oil, and Olive Pomace oil are available in our product range.

Extra virgin olive oil PDO KALAMATA

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Kalamata 750ml

The micro-climate of the Kalamata region in the Peloponnese, offers a highly balanced extra virgin olive oil with an aroma of freshly harvested olives and a medium intensity flavor with grassy tones and hints of olive leaves. A single-varietal olive oil made with 100% Koroneiki olives, with a low acidity of less than 0.5% that comes in numbered bottles to secure its origin and authenticity.

Highly recommended as a finishing oil as it enriches the flavor of all dishes and salads!


Ingredients: 100% PDO KALAMATA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nutritional information per 100ml
Energy 3389kJ/ 824kcal, Fat 91.6g, of which Saturates 14.2g, Mono-unsaturates 70.4g, Poly-unsaturates 7.0g, Carbohydrate 0g, of which Sugars 0g, Protein 0g, Salt 0g

Dorica bottle 750ml