Privacy Policy

With the current policy on personal data protection regulation (“Policy”) information is provided regarding processing of your personal data.

The company operating as «Medbest SA», located in 282 Kifissias Avenue and 2 Ydras Street, post code 15232, Halandri, 2106856191, VAT Nr. 999399686, Tax Office FAE Athinon, (called “the Company” or “We”) acting as Data Controller, is collecting, saving, using and processing your personal data.

What is personal data?

Any information that relates to an individual (the Subject of Personal Data) and can be used directly or indirectly for his identification, consists Personal Data according to the law. For example, names, phone numbers, home addresses, bank accounts, email addresses, internet protocol (ip) addresses, etc. In case of doubt whether or not something is personal information, consider it is.

What is sensitive personal data?

Sensitive are considered the personal data which refer to the following

  • racial or ethnic origin
  • political opinions or participation to a labor union
  • religious or philosophical beliefs;
  • Health related, medical or genetical data,
  • Social security data or data concerning a person’s sex life
  • Criminal claims and convictions of a person.

What is processing of personal data?

Processing covers a wide range of acts or series of acts performed with or without the use of automated means on personal data or on large bodies of personal data, such as collection, input, recording, adjusting, organizing, structuring, storage, search, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination of any possible way, correlation or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction of data.

Which data do we collect?

We take care to collect just the personal data necessary for the reason they were provided and are used solely for that reason alone. Apart to the personal data collected by Cookies, personal data are strictly limited to the ones you have provided and are used just for the specific purpose you consented for.

Identification data: name, surname, VAT Nr., ip address etc.

Communication Data address, phone number, webmail, etc

Photo Gallery : Photos, videos

Data that is necessary for the provision of our company’s servicessuch as: quality control, participation in exhibitions & promotion of products/services, invoicing and product shipment.

How do we use your personal data?

Processing your personal data is performed either by the specifically authorized staff of our Company or by software and hardware of our Company and only in exceptional cases by third parties, which are contractually bound with our Company to keep their confidentiality and protection of your Data while processing these strictly for their authorized purposes.

In general, your Data is under processing so that we can provide you the following indicative services:

  • Communication. The Company uses your Data to answer to claims/questions that you submit by e-mail and other means of communication
  • Quality control. The Company uses your Data for performing regularquality checks.
  • Offer submission. The Company is processing your Data in order to submit an offer.
  • Shipment/invoicing The Company is processing your Data in order toplace and ship your order according to the products you have selected.
  • Participation in exhibitions The Company is processing your data in order to inform you and invite you in Exhibitions that it participates.
  • Sending of newsletter: Τhe Company is providing you with the choice on whether you wish to be informed regarding its promotional/advertisingendeavors ( ex. new products/or even services provided in the market,special offers, etc. )
  • Job search. The Company is processing your Data in order to evaluate your skills and attributes regarding the position for which you have submitted an application or for any other job opening within the Company and in order to communicate with you for the above mentioned reasons.

Why are we processing your Data?

We’ve been collecting and processing your Data for purposes strictly related to the products/services of the Company, such as

Submitting an offer for providing services/products

Completing your orders and invoicing

Controlling, improvement and adaption to your preferences and choices regarding products or/and services of the Company

Informing you via webmail about our products and/or services.

Customer satisfaction surveys, promotion of products and/or services, delivery of newsletters regarding products and/or services

Keeping you aware and inviting you in exhibitions where our Company participates

Evaluating your claims

Evaluating your applications and CVs for hiring you in the Company, if possible.

Who are the recipients of your Data?

Our Company guarantees that we are not going to publicize, forward etc. your Data for any kind of purpose or use unless this is obligatory due to the existing Legal framework or is demanded by Public or juridical authorities

Access to your Data is limited only to the necessary staff of the Company and bound by confidentiality agreement, as well as to affiliated companies, which are processing your Data as data controllers or data processors either jointly or on our behalf and according to our instructions.

How do we ensure that the data processors respect your Data?

The data processors acting on our behalf, have agreed and are bound under contract with our Company.

To keep their confidentiality

Not to forward your Data to third persons without the permission of our Company

To take all the necessary precaution measures

To comply with all Legal framework regarding the protection of personal data and especially the Regulation 679/2016/EU (GDPR).

When do we erase your Data?

We keep you Data just for the period necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose you have provided your Data for and in compliance with the existing legal framework.

Your consent is used just for the period we’ve been sending you newsletters, unless you choose to end your subscription to the newsletter.

Curriculum vitae data that you submit via email for seeking a job in the Company is kept for three (3) years, unless you notify us that you want it kept for a shorter duration or that you want them deleted.

Is your Data safe?

Our company ensures to protect your data.

Acknowledging the importance of the safety of your Personal Data, we have taken every organizational and technical measure, and we keep improving them considering the technical advancements of the field, with the sole purpose of keeping your data safe from any random or unwanted processing.

Which are your rights ?

You have the right:

Right of access to your Data. The right to know if your Data is under process, in which way and for which purpose.

Right to rectification. The right to ask to correct your personal data if they are inaccurate or incomplete.

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten).The right to ask for your personal data to be erased under specific circumstances and after the expiration of the above mentioned decade.

Right to restriction of processing of your data: The right to ask for the limitation of the processing of your personal data under specific circumstances.

Right to data portability: The right to ask that your data are sent to a third party (ex. Another company).

Right to transferring of your data: the right to ask for your data to be send to another party.

Right to revoke your approval on the use of certain or all cookies and thus the processing of your personal data.

How can I activate my rights ?

In order to activate your above mentioned rights you can send your request to the premises of our company , 282, Kifissias Av. & 2 Ydras Str., Halandri, tel. nr. 210 6856 191 or to our e-mail adress, or to submit a claim to the Data Protection Authority, 1-3, Kifissias Av., post code 115 23, Athens, phone nr. 210 6475600 webmail

What if I am under 16 years old?

If you are under 16 years old, make sure you have parental/guardian approval before you give us any of your personal data. We do not allow people under 16 years of age to provide us their personal informationwithout such a consent.

Changes to the GDPR

The current General Data Protection Regulation may be altered at any given time. For this reason we find it deliberate that you often look up on the current Regulation. The current was enforced at 24/05/2018 and altered at 01/09/2019. In case of alteration the date on which the alteration occurred will be mentioned. Valid is always the GDPR as it was formed by the latest alteration.

When do we answer your requests?

We answer your requests with no delay and at no charge, and in any case within (1) one month from the time we receive your request. If however your request is complicated or there is a high load of requests we will let you know within the month whether or not we will need a (2) two month extension during which we will reply.

If your requests are unfounded in an obvious way, or extreme due to their repetitive nature, the Company may choose to either, enforce an appropriate fee, taking into consideration the administrative expenses for the ongoing updates and implementations of the requests, or choose to deny the request.

Where can you be informed on the latest developments on your requests?

For information concerning the developments on your request you can contact the number 2106856191 or our webmail