New & exciting “Nefeli” Olive recipes, made with 100% Greek Halkidiki olives, exclusively at Tesco stores!

The ultimate cocktail pairing and the perfect ingredient for a balanced Mediterranean diet!!! Suitable for Vegetarians!!!

Bloody Mary olives…. Hot & Spicy
Green olives pitted in a well-balanced horseradish and tomato brine
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Buffalo Blue olives… Sharp & Tangy
Green olives pitted hand stuffed with spicy Blue cheese
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• Sundried Tomato olives… Succulent & Aromatic
Green olives pitted hand stuffed with sundried tomatoes
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What is the Halkidiki variety? Halkidiki olive variety are large, oval green olives, specifically grown and harvested in the Halkidiki area which is located in the Northern part of Greece.

What are their characteristics? This famous Greek olive variety has bright green colour, crunchy bite, meaty flesh and buttery flavor.

What are the health benefits of the Green Halkidiki olives? This specific variety is rich in Vitamin E and in monounsaturated fats. Also, their high content of fatty acids, polyphenols and flavonoids helps the immune system get stronger. Add them in your daily meals and enjoy the benefits of the Meditteranean diet.

How can I use the Halkidiki olives? Enjoy with cocktails or in your party platters with cheese and cold cuts or straight out of the jar as an exciting olive shot.