We are delighted to announce that our Nefeli PGI Chania Extra Virgin Olive Oil has won the Silver Award at the prestigious ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition.

This recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and authenticity of our olive oil, which is crafted with care and dedication to uphold the rich traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PGI Chania Crete

The ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition

The ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition is held annually in Greece, a country with a profound historical connection to olive oil. Greece is the birthplace of the olive tree's cultivation and the home of noble competition, making it the ideal location for this prestigious event. The competition celebrates excellence in olive oil production and underscores the cultural significance of olive oil in Greek heritage.

Why Greece?

Greece stands as the third largest producer of olive oil in the world and leads in per capita consumption. The country’s dedication to olive oil is evident in its agricultural practices, with the highest percentage of arable land dedicated to olive tree cultivation. Competing in Greece allows producers to showcase their products in the very land where olive oil culture was born, adding a layer of prestige to their accolades.

About Nefeli PGI Chania Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Nefeli PGI Chania Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from the fertile groves of Chania, Crete, known for producing some of the finest olives in the world. The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status ensures that our olive oil maintains its unique qualities and authenticity, attributed to the specific region’s soil, climate, and traditional harvesting methods.

Production Excellence: We adhere to the highest standards in olive oil production, from carefully hand-picking the olives to employing cold-press extraction methods that preserve the oil’s nutritional properties and flavor integrity.

The Significance of This Award

Winning silver at the ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition highlights the superior quality of our product on an international stage. This distinction not only boosts our brand’s reputation but also affirms our commitment to delivering the finest Mediterranean delicacies to our customers.

Thank You to Our Customers

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our loyal customers, for your continued support and appreciation of our products. This achievement is as much yours as it is ours.

This recognition from the ATHENA International Olive Oil Competition underscores our unwavering commitment to excellence in olive oil production. We invite you to savor the exceptional quality and taste that have earned our Nefeli PGI Chania Extra Virgin Olive Oil this distinguished honor.

Thank you for being a part of our journey toward culinary excellence.