It is with great pleasure to announce some truly thrilling developments in the world of cuisine: Four exceptional offerings from Nefeli have achieved distinction at the esteemed Olymp Taste Awards 2023, illuminating the brand's steadfast dedication to excellence and innovative prowess.

🥇 Celebrating the Gold achievers

NEFELI BARBEQUE OLIVES - Our Barbeque Olives, with their captivating blend of rich and smoky flavors, have earned the coveted Gold Award, a testament to the unwavering commitment and culinary artistry that brought this delectable creation to life.

Nefeli Barbeque Olives | Taste Olymp Awards | Gold

NEFELI GREEK OLIVE BRUSCHETTA - The timeless Mediterranean allure of Nefeli's Bruschetta has been honored with the prestigious Gold distinction, underscoring the authenticity and superior quality that this product adds to your culinary journey.

Nefeli Olive Bruschetta | Taste Olymp Awards | Gold

🥈 Embracing Silver Excellence

NEFELI AEGEAN SPICY FIG SPREAD - Our Spicy Fig Spread has garnered the Silver accolade, showcasing the exquisite fusion of sweet and spicy nuances that elevate this product to a realm of true uniqueness.

Nefeli Aegean Fig Sprfead, Spicy | Taste Olymp Awards | Silver

NEFELI SWEET OLIVE MIX - Nefeli's Sweet Olive Mix has secured a well-deserved Silver Award, highlighting the delightful flavors and exceptional quality encapsulated in this blend.

Nefeli Sweet Olive Mix | Taste Olymp Awards | Silver

These prestigious accolades reflect the dedication and passion that go into creating Nefeli's Mediterranean delicacies. We are immensely proud of these achievements and extend our gratitude to the Olymp Taste Awards for recognizing our commitment to crafting extraordinary flavors.

With your continued support and appreciation, Nefeli remains committed to delivering the very best in Mediterranean gastronomy. Thank you for being part of our journey, and we look forward to sharing more award-winning tastes with you in the future. 🌟🫒🌶️🏆