“2 more Quality awards at ITOC & IOOC LONDON 2022"

Medbest proudly presents its newest Quality awards, on not just one but 2 of its high quality products!

VEGAN Halkidiki green olives stuffed with creamy spread is a Platinum winner!!!…. NEW, VEGAN & PLATINUM!!! An olive treat paired with a plant-based spread, certified by the Vegan Society!

Organic PGI CHANIA KRITIS Extra virgin olive oil is a Silver winner!!!…. A unique olive oil with a fruity aroma and a pleasant pungent bittersweet flavor, which lessens with time that comes from the island of Crete and specifically form the region of Chania.

The ITOC & IOOC London competitions are 2 contests that promote and showcase the superb quality and design innovation of table olives and olive oil products. Their main drive is to inform olive professionals and enthusiasts on how to protect and step up the quality of their product, establish their nutritional value to the world and exhibit the various existing tasting differences.

The committee, consisting of only the most experienced and reliable professional tasters, judged that our Nefeli products are part of their wider vision for the best quality standards in the world of table olives and olive oils, honored us with 1 Platinum and 1 Silver Quality award, and for that we sincerely thank them!