Cookies Policy

We are using cookies technologies on our website ( to manage web sessions, in order to offer personalized website experiences and to adjust advertising and other content so that it matches your unique needs and interests.

Also, cookies can be used to conduct anonymous statistics, that allow us to comprehend how our audience uses the website and help us improve the websites’ structure and content. We cannot verify your personal identity from that data.

You can modify the settings of your browser to decline specific, or even all cookies, except for those that are absolutely necessary. You should be aware that some functionality is available only via cookie usage and if you opt to decline cookies these functionality may not be available.

What are cookies?

“Cookies” are small pieces of files in text form, that are saved on the user’s browser when he visits a website. The information which is stored on the users’ computer may include data such as, which webpages has the user visited on the website, the date and time of the webvisits as well as a random unique number used to identify the user. Via this usage, the Site is able to store useful information on the users’ navigation on the Site, as well as process this information in order to offer to the User a unified navigation experience.

How to manage cookies?

It is at your discretion to recall your approval whenever you wish or to oppose the usage of cookies from our website on your device, as well as to check or even delete the cookies.

  • You can change your choices by selecting the appropriate preferences on your browser allowing either the acceptance of certain types of cookies or denying their use.
  • You can delete the cookies form your computer or access device at any given time by following the relevant deletion path on your browsers to delete them from memory.
  • You can adjust your browser’s preferences, so that it warns you for the usage of cookies with specific functionality on the websites you are accessing, or so that it always declines the use of cookies.

How can you delete cookies?

You can delete cookies and disable their usage:

Choose the browser you are using and follow these instructions:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

If you are using some other browser please look up the providers’ corresponding guidelines.

The existing Cookies Policy is accompanied by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Changes in Cookies Policy

The present Cookies Policy may change at any time. For this reason you should always refer to the present policy. In case of alterations the date on which the alteration occurred will be mentioned. The current was enforced at 24/5/2018. The latest version of the policy is always the one valid.