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Dry Cured olives

Exclusively grown on the island of Thassos in the Northern Aegean, this olive has received the "Protected Designation of Origin" status (P.D.O.). Known since the antiquity as a delicacy it has always been prized as one of earth's treasures...

Naturally cured on the tree, and harvested late in the winter, almost ready to eat, this olive is an absolute treat. The curing is completed on a bed of thick sea salt. Dark colored, with a wrinkled skin, and a delightful texture, this fruit is rich, succulent, and exceptionally mellow.

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Thassos Dry Cured Olives

Thassos Dry Cured Olives
Thassos Dry Cured Olives

Thassos Dry cured Olives are Greek black olives that are sun dried and naturally cured on the tree.The skin of the olive almost looks shriveled from the sun. These Olives are delight, rich in taste and exceptionally mellow. Try Thassos Olives as an addition to appetizer or cheese plate and you will get thrilled.

Thassos olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Oregano, Sea Salt.
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Gl. jar - Dr. wt. 190g
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