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Safety & Quality Policy

Our Mission is to export Mediterranean specialty foods of high quality and standards to markets all over the world. Our vision is to be a company that provides its customers with innovative products of high quality and nutritional value, with a goal to establish and expand our presence in the international markets by promoting the values of the Mediterranean diet and the reputation of Greece and Greek products. To develop the network of collaborators- suppliers in Greece and abroad, aiming to make a decisive contribution to their business and personal development alongside ours.

To strengthen consistently our customer-oriented culture and to build long-term relationships of trust with our customers abroad, aiming at our mutual development and benefit.

To maintain our Company’s anthropocentric orientation and family environment investing not only in the development of our people’s skills but also in the creation of relationships of trust, solidarity and mutual respect. In order to achieve all the above we, the Management and the Employees, declare our commitment to the following principles: - Quality - Loyalty to Customer - Consistency - Integrity - Honesty - Anthropocentrism Our aims: • To cooperate with food production companies that implement GFSI-approved food quality and safety protocols and implement environmental compliance policies. • To recruit local businesses to produce our products exclusively and in a way that supports the local community. • To have reliable subcontractors and suppliers and to continuously monitor and evaluate them. • To keep our agreements and/or contracts with our customers. • To continuously monitor and implement the Legislation, as well as the regulatory requirements of the countries where we export, always keeping quality and safety our top priority. • To continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality System and its processes and to achieve the goals we set.