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We invite you on a tour in the Mediterranean. In a place full of history and rich in exquisite tastes. We want to share with you, our culinary heritage from the most beautiful part of the world, with the warmest of people, and the finest of foods.

We have carefully selected the best natural ingredients, re-created traditional recipes, captured their unique flavors in our products, and brought them on your family table, so you can also discover the glorious Greek food and the miracle of the Mediterranean Diet. Pure, honest ingredients, from designated origins, are the cornerstones of our philosophy, and the foundation of our products.

Our devotion to quality is our way of showing you that the Mediterranean Diet is not only "the healthy way of eating" but also the most incredible culinary experience you ever had. So, come with us on this magical culinary tour to a place where even today family dinners last many hours, and traditional peasant food prevails.

Spice Red Peppers stuffed with Feta Cheese
Giant White Beans in a Vinaigrette sauce
Olive Bruschetta with garlic & capers
Organic Mixed Olives whole marinated with wild oregano
Roasted Eggplant Spread Babaganoush

Nefeli is our house brand and it represents the core values of MEDBEST S.A.

◗ Supreme quality
◗ Honest and pure raw materials
◗ Authentic recipes & flavors
◗ Traceability all the way back to the growers

Medbest S.A. is a manufacturer and exporter of high quality, authentic specialty products from Greece. In our product range you will find delicious all natural Greek olives in many different marinades and blends, large green stuffed olives, traditional appetizers and Greek Mezé, fire roasted sweet Florina peppers, plump stuffed vine leaves, buttery Giant beans and chick peas, fantastic spreads and dips all made following traditional local recipes, and finally the glorious Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Crete, the heart of the Mediterranean.