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• What is a naturally cured black olive and what is an oxidized (or ripe) black olive?

Naturally cured black olives are the ripe olives that have turned dark naturally on the tree and that are afterwards cured in water and salt (lactic acid fermentation) for an extended period of time like 2-3 months which is called natural fermentation.

  1. The oxidized olives, often called Confit olives, start as green olives which are then colored black through a chemical process, and through oxidation, with the presence of Ferrus Gluconate a chemical preservative.

  2. The oxidized olives are generally packed in tins and they are always sterilized for safety. The oxidized olives are generally soft, and they lack the flavor and aroma the natural olives have. Generally speaking we would say that oxidized olives are very bland. However, they are very popular due to their low price. Oxidized black olives usually come from Spain, Morocco and some from Turkey. In Greece, over 90% of the black olives are naturally cured.

• Do you use any additives or artificial flavors in your products?

No. Our products are 100% natural and we do not use any chemical preservatives or artificial flavors in.

• What kind of certifications does your production have?

Our facilities are HACCP, ISO 22000, I.F.S. and B.R.C. certified.

• Do you have organic products?

Yes. We have several organic products in our product range and we keep adding more as we discover new exciting organic raw materials.

• Do you produce products under private label?

For 17 years we are producing private label fine specialty foods for some of the most prestigious retailers all over the world. Our customers enjoy solid business growth through this popular category. Our largest private label customers are in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Holland, France etc.

• Do you have products for catering size or food service?

Yes. Actually we specialize in institutional size packaging and have created many products for this particular business segment. We have developed innovative packaging for this line, that preserves the quality but at the same time provides efficiency, low waste, and long shelf-life.

• Do you export your products in my country?

We work with importers and wholesale distributors, in many countries around the world. Please send us an email at and we will reply with our importer’s contact info in your country.

• What is the minimum order per product?

Typically the minimum order is one full pallet per product. Depending on the customer needs though, and the products, we can be a bit flexible.

• Are all your products made in Greece?

All our products are produced in Greece with very few exceptions. These exceptions concern products produced in neighboring countries for technical reasons, always though under our supervision and total quality control.

Spice Red Peppers stuffed with Feta Cheese
Giant White Beans in a Vinaigrette sauce
Olive Bruschetta with garlic & capers
Organic Mixed Olives whole marinated with wild oregano
Roasted Eggplant Spread Babaganoush

Nefeli is our house brand and it represents the core values of MEDBEST S.A.

◗ Supreme quality
◗ Honest and pure raw materials
◗ Authentic recipes & flavors
◗ Traceability all the way back to the growers